Pennsylvania windshield inspection stickers 1969-present

Important disclaimer: The photographs on this web site are intended to provide informational and historical reference to Pennsylvania vehicle inspection stickers for years 1969 and later. I do not hold a Pennsylvania vehicle inspection license and have no access to vehicle inspection stickers. I do not collect or own any Pennsylvania inspection stickers of any age.

The issuance of vehicle inspection stickers under false pretenses is illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is subject to penalties/prosecution of all parties involved (PennDOT Publication 45, Subchapter D).

Do not under ANY circumstances ask me to provide you with any inspection stickers due to your vehicle's inability to pass Pennsylvania's safety and/or emissions inspections.

Click on thumbnail images below to view stickers and pertinent information from the applicable year ranges.


Transition to annual inspections






Semiannual stickers

Miscellanous/Oddball stickers

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Annual and emissions sticker colors since 1984

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