Photos courtesy Alaska Vehicle Emissions Testing Information site.

December 2004 expiration
Seasonal waiver windshield sticker.

Issued to motorists who certify that the vehicle will not be operated between November 1st through March 31st.

This declaration exempts the vehicle from having to pass an emissions test.

Diesel engine exempt windshield sticker.
New vehicle exemption windshield sticker.

Vehicles are exempt from testing for the first  two years upon initial registration



Note: Arkansas discontinued its vehicle inspection program for passenger cars effective January 1, 1998.

December 1988 expiration

September 1991 expiration

2005-2006 school bus inspection


December 1972 expiration

June 1974 expiration.

Was on the rear of a motorcycle.

December 1975 expiration.

Was on a 1950s car with a wraparound windshield.


Colorado's Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

January 1975 expiration
Undated emission exempt vehicle sticker.

Photo taken June 9, 2001.