1970, Vanity

1972 cardboard temporary plate


1976, Vanity

Undated 1977 base


1999, on 1977 base (shows typical wear of this base, which was phased out starting in September 1999)

1996 "You've Got a Friend in" base

1997 7-symbol "Keystone State" base

Undated plate

2002 plate

Undated plate, E** prefix.  Photo taken 6/23/01.

2002 Truck

2002 Wheelchair plate

2000 "D.A.R.E." plate

2002 Flagship Niagara

2001 new "Conserve Wild Resources"

2001 Repair Towing


Penn State University. These permanent plates are issued to vehicles owned by the University.

2001 Penn State Alumni Association

2002 St. Vincent University Alumni Association

Temporary 7-symbol "C" series, issued August 1999

New temporary registration card, which replaces the "T" sticker pictured above

Undated, with the T sticker covered.

2001 30 day temporary in-transit

2002 Emission and Annual Windshield stickers

July 1996 Annual Windshield sticker

March 1984 Annual Windshield sticker

2001 Amateur Radio

2002 vanity

2002 low number

2002 Press Photographer.  This is one of very few types of Pennsylvania plates that is issued in pairs.

2002 Hearing Impaired

2002 Emergency Medical Services

2001 Salvage Yard

2000 Greyhound Adoption Program

2000 Motorcycle

2001 Motorcycle Dealer

2002 Fire Fighter

Fire Department, with Permanent validation sticker

Close-up of above Permanent sticker

2001 Prisoner of War

2002 World War II Veteran

Sample "Circus-Carnival Truck"

Sample "International Association of Firefighters"

Sample "Conserve Wild Resources"

Sample "Flagship Niagara"

Sample "Save Wild Animals"

Pennsylvania's new license plate, to be phased in between September 1999 and June 2002

Frequently asked questions for the new Pennsylvania license plate