1976 Bicentennial issue

1995, Dealer

Undated 1983 base

2001 ALPCA vanity

2002 low number plate

2002 4-digit plate.  The R in the lower left corner indicates that this is a replacement plate.

Another 2002 4-digit plate, also a replacement.

"T" sticker plate, indicates that the owner has renewed for 2002, but is still waiting for the new Illinois base plate with the same number to be produced.

2001 Personalized

2002, with spacing used by the new base plates.  With the spacing used by this base previously, the plate would read Y 637 461.

2002 Temporary rear window sticker

2001 Illinois & Michigan Canal

2001 Cardinal Environmental plate

2002 Prevent Violence plate

2002 Ham Radio

2002 Purple Heart

2002 Veteran

2002 new base

2001 Arthur Cheese Festival special event plate

2001 Windy City Corvettes special event plate

2001 Stearman Galesburg National Fly-In special event plate

2001 Popeye's Picnic special event plate